• Product 1

    Single Side BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bag


  • Front side will be multi color printed and back side can be printed with Flexo printing.
  • This bags are used because Front side will be for the Branding purpose with the artwork and Brand names, in back side we will use Flexo printing for the technical contents as they keep changing, so you don’t have to bear the cylinder cost always for the updations in the printing.
  • Some product need ventilation so back side remains Un-laminated and front side with multi color prints and laminations.
  • These bag reduces the cost for both cylinders and bag.
  • We have an automatic and manual printing machine with corona treatment and dryer for the Flexo Printing.
  • We use the high quality inks to print the bags and these are also approved with FDA.
  • We use Nylon and Rubber stereo for good printing quality.
  • We can provide the bags approved with tape test and rub test.